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BUENOS AIRES Top reasons why we love this city

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10 Reasons To Love Buenos Aires Right Now

  • Source:
  • Ann Abel, Forbes.com

People like to call Buenos Aires the Paris of Latin America; the most European city on the western shores of the Atlantic. I wouldn’t argue: The Argentinian capital is characterized by its wide boulevards and Haussmann architecture, its proud population of Italian and Spanish heritage, and its serious attention to food and wine...

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Pros and Cons of Moving to Buenos Aires

  • Source:
  • ExpatArrivals.com

As with any large city there are pros and cons to living in Buenos Aires. It’s a vibrant city that offers many entertainment options and so much to see and do. On the downside, it’s crowded and noisy, but with a highly educated population, there are many international companies with offices in the city and work is not too hard to come by, provided that one can find sponsorship for a work visa...

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12 cosas que aprendí siendo corresponsal en Argentina

  • Source:
  • Ignacio de los Reyes, La Nacion

Después de casi tres años en el país, el corresponsal de la cadena británica BBC regresa a Europa...

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Palermo, Buenos Aires

  • Written by:
  • Alexandra Mackenzie

Extracted from: 10 Great Neighborhoods to Live in.... This Barrio of Buenos Aires is the largest in the city. Divided into various sections, each with its own characteristics, the Barrio is popular for its shops, bars, clubs and restaurants....

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The New York Times presents a traveler’s guide to a city’s most delicious, adventurous and fascinating must-see destinations.

The city never loses its charm, and the nonstop spawning of new restaurants and arts spaces is a testament to its endless creativity.

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28 Reasons why living in Buenos Aires ruins lives. Nothing will ever compare to the incredible, vibrant, 24 hour city.

Written by: Conz Preti - BuzzFeed Regional Director, Americas - Read full story