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Perry Economides My Story


I was born in Sydney, Australia to greek cypriot parents. I had a comfortable middle class upbringing in the leafy suburb of Strathfield but I never felt connected to Australia and this made me restless looking to find my place in the world.

Argentina and me have a connection from my first trip in 1984 when I saw the stunning Patagonia region and the vibrant elegant capital city of Buenos Aires. From that time on this amazing country captured my heart and emotions and I always had this country in my thoughts. In 2004 I revisited again and fell in love all over again and decided to make the move in 2005 to the upcoming Bohemian neighbourhood of Palermo Viejo. At that time this was a peaceful bohemian suburb of Buenos Aires ‚Äčthat today has become the most vibrant dynamic suburb of the capital with over 900 restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and nightclubs. To see this area change was a miracle and was the most exciting time of my life.

Perry Economides

Argentina has 23 provinces each with their distinct character and people. This is the most beautiful country I have ever seen and some of the sights from the Iguazu Falls to the Glaciares in El Calafate are natural wonders of the world. My favourite part of this country is the stunning village of El Bolson, Rio Negro and the surrounding mountains and lakes that encompass the border region of Rio Negro and Chubut. There I feel my most comfortable surrounded by nature in its most glorious element and with the most intense blue skies on the planet. This is a paradise and the worlds last frontier.

Today I live in Alto Palermo and divide my time between the Capital City of Buenos Aires and the stunningly beautiful village of El Bolson in the province of Rio Negro.

Visit Argentina. Live in most beautiful locations ever